10 Examples of Work and Photographers of Post '90s

Michael David Murphy - Jim Crow Road

Rachel Papo - Military kiosk counter

Rinko Kawauchi - from Uatane

Shuli Hallak - Cotton Field, Mississippi

Tema Stauffer - White Ice

Amy Stein - Fast Food

Colleen Plumb - Tiger Rug, Cabrini Green

Dan Boardman - Untitled 5 (wallpaper)

DoDo Jin Ming - Free Element, plate XXXI

Kate Orne - Sexworker w. client I


Three Early Morning/Three Midday/Three Late Afternoon

markdanielowen - Conscientious early-morning commuters

Jeff Clow - The Early Morning Light

Martin Machado - Row At Dawn

Asako Narahashi - from half awake and half asleep in the water

Jeff Wall - Milk

Lisa M. Robinson - Wish

ToniVC - Late Afternoon Promenade

Clay G - untitled

Kai Alexis Smith - Grandma


Five Photo Websites

Shorpy: The 100 Year Old Photo Blog
Heading East
Fecal Face Photo of the Day
Library of Congress FSA/OWI Photos

Five Inspiring Classical Paintings

Paolo Veronese - The Feast in the House of Levi

Caravaggio - Judith Beheading Holofernes

Jan van Eyck - Arnolfini Wedding

Edgar Degas - Absinthe Drinker in a Cafe

Francisco Goya - Saturn Devouring His Son